Saturday, 12 May 2012

Dave Harvey (SGM) on C J Mahaney

This comes from the Brent Detwiler documents.  No matter what motive they may assign to this line (the "Desperate Housevives)  they may be some use for you.  Consider his acceptance speech;

“To correct CJ, or to challenge his own self-perception, was to experience a reaction through emails, consistent disagreement (without seeking to sufficiently understand), a lack of sufficient follow-up and occasionally, relational withdrawal. Along with this, CJ was poor in volunteering areas of sin, temptation or weakness in himself.” - email to Brent Detwiler - October 8th - 2010.

The recent infamous report from Ambassadors of Reconciliation comment of SGM's (and C J Mahaney's) "apostle" (watch this space).

Monday, 23 April 2012

Brent Detwiler on the Change to Sovereign Grace Ministries

A Fair Question I think:

"SGM is no longer a family of churches like it used to be and people aren’t connected to the mission like they use to be. During our first 20 years we did Celebration Conferences and live Mission Presentations in every geographical region. It gave us a wonderful opportunity to be with the people and among the people. There was a tremendous sense of camaraderie. C.J. ended these conferences over my strong objection ... There used to be a real sense of family and personal commitment to our collective call. That is largely gone. SGM is a corporation. Now we have a Chairman, President, Board of Directors, Articles of Incorporation, Bylaws, and Ambassadors of Reconciliation. What happened to apostles, prophets, miracles, the restoration of the church and personal evangelism?".

Brent Detwiler - "Sovereign Grace Ministries Relocation Announcement" - SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 2012 AT 11:25PM

Saturday, 21 April 2012

Rob Rufus on True Marks of Apostolic Ministry

"Apostles will safeguard the Church against legalism, denominationalism, popery and institutionalism.  If they're not safeguarding the Church, they're not operating as apostles".

Rob Rufus - "The 10 Ugly Faces of the Grace-Hating Spirit" - from "Living Grace" (2012) - New Nature Publications, Hong Kong

Rob Rufus on Apostles Safeguarding Ministry

"I believe the Church is not being safeguarded because of the absence of authentic apostolic ministry in the earth.  There are many apostles around, but I guarantee you that all that calls itself apostolic, is not.  The credentials of an apostle; signs, wonders and miracles should be a major part of their life and ministry.  If that's not a major thrust of their life - they might be an apostle but they are not operating in their gifts.  Wherever apostles go, churches will be planted".

Rob Rufus - "The 10 Ugly Faces of the Grace-Hating Spirit" - from "Living Grace" (2012) - New Nature Publications, Hong Kong.