Thursday, 6 September 2007

Rob Rufus on a Vision of Real Grace Churches!

"The people who live in the grace of God are people who learn to love one another and accept one another. Church becomes family when we live in the grace of God. People living in the grace of God pray for one another more, reach out to the lost more and value people more. They start feeding the hungry, clothing the poor and going amongst the broken street people restoring dignity to them. They go beyond the walls of their buildings to infiltrate the world and mix with sinners.

They help those who are sick. They know it is not the Christian's job to judge whether the illnesses people suffer from are what they deserve. None of us deserve salvation. Just because someone is dying from a disease like Aids doesn't make them any less deserving of salvation!".

Rob Rufus - "Living in the Grace of God" - Authentic Books (2007) - (p49).

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