Friday, 19 December 2008

Iain Murray on Lloyd-Jones and the Unction of the Spirit

"Dr Lloyd-Jones believed that neglect of the work of the Spirit in relation to preaching was often connected with mistaken belief. Some held that the indwelling of the Spirit in all Christians leaves no need for believers to seek His Presence; others seemed to believe that the Spirit rests equally on all orthodox ministry.

Martyn Lloyd-Jones regarded this as contrary to Scripture. Why was the commands "to be filled with the Spirit" if His indwelling which takes place at regeneration is sufficient? What sense could there be in the apostolic direction to appoint men "full of the Holy Spirit and wisdom" if His fullness marks all Christians?

While there is mystery in the mode of the Spirit's Presence, it is surely clear that His work is not static but ongoing and repeated".

Iain Murray - "Lloyd-Jones - Messenger of Grace" - Banner of Truth, Edinburgh (2008) - p47.

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