Wednesday, 8 April 2009

John Piper on the "Debtors Ethic"

"The debtors ethic says; "Because you have done something good for me, I feel indebted to do something good for you" ... God meant gratitude to be a spontaneous expression of pleasure in the gift and the good will of another. He did not mean it to be an impulse to return favors. If gratitude is twisted into a sense of debt, it gives birth to the debtor’s ethic—and the effect is to nullify grace".

John Piper - "Future Grace" - Multnomah Publications, US - (p32).

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Shawna said...

Dan - you'd be surprised at how often I think of this chapter in John Piper's book!! Usually pops into my head when I hear phrases like "grace isn't cheap" or "what Christ did cost more than you'll ever know"... all that subtle and not so subtle manipulation stuff. I think this quote is a great addition to the collection.