Friday, 12 June 2009

Don Carson on the Puritans

"Their works are not infallible, and in terms of scholarly criticism and modern exegetical tools, their tomes are strangely dated. Nevertheless it is impossible to read them without feeling the fire burn within, without being humbled by their almost fantastic grasp of Scripture, of theology. Indeed, it is a little disturbing to testify how difficult it is to find areas in which the Puritans may be faulted. Such an apparent scarcity of defects is likely to reduce the credibility of a historical account. If God by matchless grace has worked to to produce an abundant fruit of superior quality in centuries past, let us lay on Him with the importunate cries of faith to perform in men once again the good work done in those whom history dubs "the Puritans".

D A Carson - "THE PURITANS: WHAT THEY HAVE THAT THE MODERNS HAVE NOT" - Northwest Journal of Theology 1 (1972): 75–92.

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