Sunday, 5 July 2009

Rob Rufus on the True Equality of Sin and Gospel

"When we are free from the law and the insanity of performance and trying to impress one another with ourselves and we find grace and the mercy and kindness and grace of God and the majesty of the gospel then it breaks down the dividing walls of prejudice and helps us see that the drunk in the street and the prostitute down the road is loved equally by God and we are as sinful as they are because there is only one standard and it is absolute perfection and anything below it is absolute imperfection. So who wants to be the best sinner?! Because the best sinner in hell is not a great rating to have. No one will get to heaven except by perfection".

Rob Rufus - "We Are God's Workmanship" - City Church International, Hong Kong - Sunday 24th May 2009.

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Chinedu said...

Powerful post. This is the offense of the gospel. It offends the religious because they want to believe that they are better than others.
The gospel puts all sinners in the same category, no one is better. It also puts all saved in the same category, no one is better. It's all grace. It's all Jesus.