Wednesday, 15 December 2010

Thomas Schriener on Christian's Good Works

"The emphasis on good works is seriously misunderstood if such works are conceived as the basis of justification. Believers are justified by grace alone but faith always produces good works and such good works are necessary for eternal life. They function as evidence that one has new life in Christ".
Thomas Schriener - "40 Questions on Christians and Biblical Law" - Kregel Books - 2010 - p146.


Jonathan said...

Hi Dan,

I'm a bit uncomfortable with this statement, in particular the phrase which says "good works are necessary for eternal life". A person who is justified is a new creation and there will be a change in one's lifestyle. However, I'd be careful with using the above phrase because it could be badly misinterpreted.

Dan Bowen said...

Hi Jonathan,

Thank you for the comment and apologies for the late reply - you need to understand that the purpose of this blog is not to state what I agree with but to collate comments and quotes from different sources. The purpose is to build a compendium so we can use our mind to think this through.

I respect you may be uncomfortable but it is Schriener you need to take this up with.