Friday, 25 July 2008

Bill Johnson on responding to God's face in the outpouring of His Spirit

"Not all can recognize God's face in the outpouring of His Spirit. When the rain of the Spirit comes, most people fixate on the effects of the storm and miss the One revealed in the cloud. The extreme joy, the weeping, the shaking and trembling, the visions and dreams, the healing, the deliverance, and the manifestation of the gifts of the Spirit, including tongues and prophecy, all are revelations of His face. Some people love these manifestations, and some people reject them. But the sobering thing to realize is that our response to the move of the Spirit is not a response to manifestations. Rather, it is a response to the face of God. To reject the move of the Spirit of God is to reject the face of God." 

Bill Johnson, "Face to Face with God. The ultimate quest to experience His Presence."


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robbob said...

I agree whole heartedly with this post. We must maintain our focus on the wine, not the wineskin. We must stretch as we are maturing, no doubt about it.

Let me finish for anonymous, Oh PLEASE!!! Take every last impurity in me and burn it off for good. Let me see Your glorious face and let any impurity in me die, so that You may become much more glorious and great!