Monday, 26 January 2009

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones on the Evidence of the Baptism of the Holy Spirit

"There are many, many evidences of the descent of the Holy Spirit - the baptism of the Holy Spirit upon a man or woman. It is not necessarily speaking in tongues; people can be baptised with the Holy Spirit who never speak with tongues. But it is obvious that they have been baptised with the Holy Spirit, you can see the difference in them".

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones - "Exposition of Romans 14:1-17 - Liberty and Conscience" - Banner of Truth, Edinburgh (2007) - (p64).


cybeRanger said...

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Nathan said...

If people are baptised in the Holy Spirit then WHY don't they speak in tongues? There is absolutley no scripture to back up that one has the infilling of the Holy Spirit based upon mere "feelings" or "seeing" differences. In fact the bible clearly states not to rely on your feelings, or by what you see, but on the Word of God. Speaking in tongues is the scriptural evidence that one has received the baptism in the Holy Spirit, as stated in Acts 2 (day of pentecost), and many other passages. Mark 16:17 'these signs will follow them that believe...they will speak with new tongues'. If you don't speak in tongues, then how can you truely believe you have received the baptism of the Holy Spirit?