Monday, 26 January 2009

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones on Sanctification

"You see, Christians 'do righteousness' because they are righteous. That is the right way to put it. You do not make yourself righteous by what you do, but you are first made righteous. And then the appeal comes to show your righteousness in your behaviour".

Dr Martyn Lloyd-Jones - "Exposition of Chapter 14:1-17 - Liberty and Conscience" - Banner of Truth, Edinburgh (2007) - (p256).


Anonymous said...

This is Dr MLJ explaining Romans 6, but I am not sure how far it takes us (me at any rate).
How does a Christian 'doing righteousness' in this way differ from a non-Christian (or a Pharisee) who moralistically obeys the Law NOT in order to be saved as a pelagian, but because they believe that they are saved and want to act accordingly, ie 'nomistically'.
The key difference is clearly that only one of them has been born again. But to the outside world, and even to their own internal experience, what will be the difference?
I would really value help on Rom 6 v14- because i am crystal clear on the reformed view of justification but muddled on sanctification


lydia joy said...

You are sanctified already in God's eyes...the believer just now needs to get a hold of the truth of his identity in Christ, and reknew his mind with the truth of who he now is, and get established in grace....this would be better said as 'maturing', rather that using the word sanctification......we have the very life of Christ dwelling on the inside, can we improve on that? So for example a new believer is like a young oak of righteousness, as he matures he is still oak right, he can't get any more oakier than he already is, he just matures into a mighty oak of righteousness, his roots go deeper and he grows stronger, but he doesn't do anything to grow, he just grows as an oak (he knows he is an oak, he is not confused about who he is)maybe there could be a better analogy.........anyway, sorry I can't speak 'theologian' speak, but I hope that helps a little...........Peace to you!!

lydia joy said...

Romans 6:14 is saying that because you are no longer under the curse of the law, and the law was known to stir up sin in you, so you are no longer bound in that way and are now under grace. Grace has come and freed you from the law completely. Grace transforms from the inside out. The law tries to tranform from the outside or behaviour. The law constantly pointed out your faults, Grace (or Jesus) only tells you what is now right with you in God's eyes, you are perfect forever!! God's grace is freeing, whereas the law held you captive, never to ever get free from your imperfections.

Does that help any??

Joebrgq said...

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