Monday, 23 July 2007

Greg Haslam on Prophetic Preachers

"As those whom God calls and anoints to stanad in His Presence and hear His voice, prophetic people share both God's concerns and God's dreams for His people, and accurately report both. They are the eyes and ears of the church and God opens doors of opportunity for them to minister what they have received. They hear what others cannot hear and they dare to speak what others dare not say. They are not, nor ever could be mere "yes-men" ... They have a large measure of independence from the institutions and prominent people around them. They may be on the payroll but they will not over like a lap dog for pay".

Greg Haslam - "Prophetic Preaching" in "Preach the Word!" (ed. Greg Haslam" - (2006) Sovereign World - (p431).

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