Friday, 20 July 2007

Matthew Henry on the Song of Solomon

"In this chapter, after the title of the book (ver. 1), we have Christ and his church, Christ and a believer, expressing their esteem for each other. I. The bride, the church, speaks to the bridegroom (ver. 2-4), to the daughters of Jerusalem (ver. 5, 6), and then to the bridegroom, ver. 7. II. Christ, the bridegroom, speaks in answer to the complaints and requests of his spouse, ver. 8-11. III. The church expresses the great value she has for Christ, and the delights she takes in communion with him, ver. 12-14. IV. Christ commends the church's beauty, ver. 15. V. The church returns the commendation, ver. 16, 17. Where there is a fire of true love to Christ in the heart this will be of use to blow it up into a flame".

Matthew Henry - "Commentary on Whole Bible" - Volume 3 - online version.

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