Monday, 23 July 2007

Rob Rufus Reflecting on TOAM 07

"What characterised this trip was the number of notable miracles instantly testified and fully formed ... Human beings are desperate for the real thing ... I have never operated before at that power - that is the truth. 80% of the people had an immediate release of power at CCK in the evening on 8th July. Glenda had a prophetic word that Terry Virgo completely confirmed something they had been praying into ... People are tired of teaching that isn't backed up with substance - but people were seeing things! ... 110 people were healed in a ten second prayer on the last session ... one of the leading prophets got up and said at the last session that "God says you have changed address - the whole movement has gone to another realm in the supernatural".

Terry Virgo said to me after the session; "Rob - this visit has changed our whole movement".

And that came from Hong Kong! This little church is being used to change the expression of Christianity across the world".

Rob Rufus - "His Great Power That is At Work within Us" - 15th July 2007 - City Church International, Hong Kong.

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