Thursday, 9 August 2007

Rob Rufus on True Spiritual Fathers

"Spiritual fathers need to be a mentor. They need to be ahead of you in the faith. There comes a point when a father reaches a point when he can’t teach you anymore because the son becomes an adult. However you always will value that father and honour him as such. The son then needs to become a father. You should never have anyone trying to correct you who are jealous of you, who want to control you or who resent you and don’t like you. The only people you need correcting you are those who you know love you unconditionally. Many Christians are fragile, frightened and scared to be honest because they have been let down, rebuked, disciplined by people who didn’t really love them and were jealous of them".

“Face to Face Intimacy with God” – Rob Rufus – Hong Kong – 5th Aug 07

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