Thursday, 27 March 2008

Bill Johnson on the Kingdom of God and Seasons of the Spirit

"His Kingdom only knows increase and acceleration. It is the hunger of God's people that helps accelerate the process of development and growth and actually speeds up time. It is my conviction that God is trying to get rid of our excuse concerning "seasons". Many have lived in spiritual winter for most of their lives and called it 'God's dealings'. The metaphor of the seaons have become an excuse for moodiness, unbelief, depression, inactivity and the like. It must end.

There is a message for us in the cursed fig tree. Jesus cursed it for not bearing fruit out of season. It died immediately. Was He unreasonable? Did He lose His temper? Or was He showing us something about His expectations for our lives that we'd just as soon ignore? He has the right to expect the fruit of the impossible from those He has created for the impossible".

Bill Johnson - "Dreaming with God" - Destiny Image Publishers, Shippensburg, PA (2006) - p176-177.

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