Friday, 7 March 2008

Rob Rufus on a Life Mixed with Law and Grace

"A mixture of law and grace, of Old Covenant and New Covenant life is a mongrel religion. God wants you to have the pure pedigree of the Old Covenant condemnation or the pure pedigree of the New Covenant grace. Have a look at people who are living under a mixture of law and grace or under law - see how miserable their lives are, see how easily they are offended, get judgemental, become weird and imbalanced. Look at people who live under grace and you see imperfect people who make mistakes but you will see an authority and authenticity and integrity in them. You will see a power in their lives, intimacy with God with a balanced life".

Rob Rufus - "How To Have Jesus Single You Out In A Crowd" - City Church International, Hong Kong - 20th May 2007.

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