Tuesday, 1 April 2008

R T Kendall on Jesus Christ fulfilling the Law

"I can only conclude that Jesus was moving in a direction in which the Law would be transcended; not disregarded but out-classed".

R T Kendall - "Grace" - Charisma House Publications, Florida (2006) - (p41).

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Anonymous said...

Dear brothers and sisters who love Jesus. Stay away from RT Kendall. His books are very cleverly written but there are traps in them which lead christians into condemnation and destroy your life and family. Why am I saying this? Because there are many of us who know him but he scared us all in the past by his intellectual bullying to the point we could not even think properly. God is good and watches our backs and has exposed him as a tremedously cruel man in his private dealings with individuals. If you know him privately and he has been nice to you it is because he wants to use you for something. He has no love and for sure does not love Jesus in the slightest bit