Thursday, 14 August 2008

Bill Johnson on Perfect Theology

"Jesus Christ is perfect theology. For anyone who wants to know the will of God, look at Jesus. He is the will of God. Some pray, "If it be Thy will," as though God's will is unclear. You would have to ignore the life of Christ to come to such a conclusion.
How many people came to Jesus for healing and left sick? None. How many came to Him for deliverance and left His presence still under torment? None. How many life threatening storms did Jesus bless? None. How many times did Jesus withhold a miracle because the person who came to Him had too little faith? Never. He often addressed their small faith or unbelief, but He always left them with a miracle as a way to greater faith. Jesus Christ, the Son of God, perfectly illustrates the will of God the Father. To think otherwise is to put the Father and the Son at odds. And a house divided will fall."

"Our theology is not to be built on what God hasn't done. It is defined by what He does and is doing. The will of God is perfectly seen in the person of Jesus Christ. No one who ever came to Him was turned away."

Bill Johnson, "Face to Face with God. The ultimate quest to experience His presence."

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robbob said...

Amen Lydia Joy.
You may like this quote from Robin MacMillan at MorningStar Fellowship.

"Many of the teachings on the Kingdom have been about how to control people, but that is not how the Lord preached the Kingdom. He preached it by demonstrating His authority over the conditions that are on the earth!

I am currently in the middle of Face to Face... it's amazing and Bill just blows me away.