Monday, 4 August 2008

Tom Schreiner on the Spirit and Peter's Trance

"The Spirit's speaking to Peter should not be construed as a private existential experience. The Spirit directed Peter because he was the means to which the Gentiles would hear the Gospel. The point of the story is not the Spirit's private revelation to Peter. The Spirit speaks to Peter so that he will bring the gospel to the nations".

Thomas R Schreiner - "New Testament Theology - Magnifying God in Christ" - Apollos, Nottingham (2008) - (p445-6).

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Jon Sidnell said...

Now, that's a very good point and I've probably used this scripture wrongly over the years!

Makes me think, maybe sometimes the reason we struggle with hearing what God is saying is because we're asking with a view to improving our life rather than spreading the gospel and extending the Kingdom?

Not to say that God doesn't speak about the things that are more personal too - after all, He's our loving Father! But it's certainly a thought to ponder.

I've like the quotes, Dan. Think I'm gonna have to add the book to my want-list :)