Sunday, 15 July 2007

Ern Baxter on Ultimate Triumph

"I believe that what is happening worldwide in this hour is unprecedented. This visitation of the Holy Spirit is not just to teach us to give us goose bumps and teach us to play tambourines and sing new choruses. That is a part of the package but something is much more important than all of that.

What is vastly more important is God's almighty purpose being revealed. At the end of this age He will manifest His glory in the redeemed commuity. This outpouring of blessing - it is an outpouring of authority. God is establishing spiritual authority in the earth that He may in this hour bring into existence His kingdom in power and answer the prayers of multiplied thousands through the centuries who have interceded by crying; "Thy Kingdom Come!".

Dr Ern Baxter - "King of Glory!" - New Wine Magazine April 1982 - (p32)

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