Wednesday, 18 July 2007

Kathryn Kuhlman on Grieving the Holy Spirit

"If I knew that the Holy Spirit was grieved, if I knew the Holy Ghost would depart from me, I would never again walk out on this stage. I would never make a pretense of things but in that hour I would be the most ordinary person that ever lived, and nothing would happen. I could say the same words, go through the same form, do the same things, but the secret power is the Holy Ghost.

I cannot use hte Holy Spirit. I can't do it. The Holy Spirit must use the vessel.Understand something. You can have the greatest talent in the world but it will never accomplish anything for God unless the Holy Ghost uses it".

Kathryn Kuhlman cited in "Kathryn Kuhlman - A Spiritual Biography of God's Miracle Worker" by Roberts Liardon - (2005) Whitaker House - (pp128-129).

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