Friday, 22 February 2008

Bob Kauflin on why All SGM Worship Leaders are Men

"However, in Sovereign Grace churches, given the importance of congregational singing, our worship leaders are fulfilling a very important role. They aren't simply leading "music"-we desire them to direct people's hearts, minds, and wills to the truths that they're singing. Their role includes elements that involve a degree of teaching, leading, and pastoring, which we believe the Bible says are male roles in the church. For that reason, all our worship leaders are men".

Bob Kauflin - "Can a Woman Lead Worship?" - Council for Biblical Manhood and Womanhood website - October 10, 2007 (accessed Friday 22nd February 2008).


Dan Bowen said...

By the way lest there be any confusion, I absolutely and categorically disagree with this standpoint. My three favourite worship leaders are Kate Simmonds and Darlene Zschech and Isi de Gersigny as well as Lou Fellingham. I don't believe the Bible makes a statement on worship leaders, because there is no definite mention OF worship leaders. However I see a key example in Moses's sister leading the women out in worship after crossing the Red Sea. One of the most wonderful examples that women seem particularly gifted in is setting an example in worship. Sadly although I was limited to 2 years of solely male worship leaders while I was in SGM, that example was missing. Maybe that's why the manifest Presence of God didn't fall in power during those two years.

Peter Day said...

It is an interesting quote, and I'm glad you have posted it. I agree with you that the scripture makes no definite mention of worship leaders.

We have to ask ourselves, what is a worship leader doing? Is she bring systematic teaching to the church? No. Is she exercising authority over men? Not unless the elders have given up all responsibility for the worship. In our church whoever leads is responsible to God, yes, but also to the elders. If God is directing a meeting in a particular way, the worship leader will have an eye on the elders (or usually me!), as if to say "is this OK?" I will step in if the leader needs help handling a word of prophecy.

The elders are responsible. So there is NO WAY women leading worship violates scripture. It is just another example of unbiblical legalistic male oppression that needs to be broken off the church.

lydia joy said...

Oh, I am so glad you guys commented on this one and shared your perspectives......otherwise, I would have to be mad at you....kidding.....I am glad to hear more and more that women's roles in the church are more flexible or should I say more than just teaching on Titus 2.....I just know God isn't a chauvenist...and isn't it the Holy Spirit that directs anyone to lead worship in a God honoring way...can't the Holy Spirit lead a women to lead God's people in worship?
I have never been more blessed than now by a worship leader than I currently am by Darlene Zschech.....I will have to check the others you mention Dan!

Dan Bowen said...

Thanks Lydia and Pete for your comments - it's always really encouraging to read your insights! I must re-emphasise what a wonderful thing it is to actually watch these worship leaders as they lead God's people to the Throne Room of the Most Holy Place. That's why I have a deep love for Hillsongs DVDS - Darlene Zscech is one of the most passionate worship leaders I have ever seen and you can see her face almost literally aglow with the glory of God!!

Michael said...

The Distinction that Kauflin is making is that in SGM churches worship leaders are given the authority of a pastoral position. Their music teaches and builds up the congregation. Their music is full of scripture whereas other mainstream churches do not have this emphasis like SGM. To say that the "manifest Presence of God didnt fall in power" in a SGM service is to say that God doesnt dwell with in Christians...(see Eph 1-union with Christ). and when it comes to matters of teaching scripture and building up the congregation SGM has it right on the money when they do not allow women to lead because it is the God given and ordained job of men.