Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Rob Rufus on Acts

"The book of Acts is the lowest level and we are going to another level in these days... If you lose heart you will sell out and you will try to lower the Word of God down to the level of your experience but God wants us to trust Him to raise the level of our experience up to the promises of the Word of God.

If you sell out to the voice of reason and the voice of theology that says cessationism and that God's not moving at the same level, if you sell out to those lying spirits, you will develop theologies that rationalise and legitimise abnormal, subnormal Christianity. On the planet today the normal is rare but it's becoming more and more known on the earth."

Rob Rufus - "Pharisees and Legalists" - "Grace and Glory Conference" - Hong Kong, Wednesday 24th October 2007.

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