Tuesday, 12 February 2008

Rob Rufus on the New Testament

"The New Testament is a love letter from Jesus. The New Testament is not a prescription on how you should live; it is a description of what happens to people when the Spirit of God fills their lives.

If you try and live up to the New Testament as a prescription and not a description then you are going to be more under bondage than if you just lived under the old covenant. They only had 10 laws. But if you try and make the New Testament something you've got to live up to as a prescription you're finished, you're absolutely finished. And when the New Testament is being preached as a prescription of how we should live... - no it's not a prescription, it's a description of the result, the fruit, of not sowing to the flesh but sowing to the Spirit.

And when you walk in the Spirit and live in the Spirit you won't satisfy the desire of human effort, the flesh. You will come into rest and you will manifest the fruit of the Spirit and the gifts of the Spirit."

Rob Rufus - "Pharisees and Legalists" - "Grace and Glory Conference" - Hong Kong, Wednesday 24th October 2007.

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