Wednesday, 18 June 2008

Al Mohler on Rejecting "Labels"

"We cannot allow a homosexual to reduce his identity to being a homosexual. We live in an age of identity politics where people say; "What I do in my sex life is who I am - period". We are the people who know this is nonsense. Sex is a part of who we are - a vitally important and powerful part - but it is only a part of the total human being. Our sexual desires and sexual practices are genuine pointers to our inner reality and our relationship to God, but sexuality is not the end of the story".

Al Mohler - "Homosexual Marriage as a Challenge to the Church: Biblical and Cultural Reflections" in "Sex and the Supremacy of Christ" - Justin Taylor and John Piper (editors) - Crossway Books, Illinois (2005) - (p126).

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