Saturday, 10 May 2008

C H Spurgeon on Hebrews 10:9

"He taketh away the first that He may establish the second".

"I want to urge all of you to come to this decision very emphatically. I beesech you never to try to bring back "the first". I do not suppose you will ever literally imitate the Jews, and offer the sacrifices enjoined under the ceremonial law; but there is, in certain quarters an attempt to bring back portions of it, ill-formed, broken bones of that which has long since been dead. For instance, when men insist upon it that such an unscriptural ceremony as infant sprinkling is necessary to salvation and that another man-made rite must be performed or else grace will not come to us, if we yield to their pretensions for a single moment - we shall be putting ourselves under the bondage of a ceremonial law which has not even the authority which the law given by Moses had".

C H Spurgeon - "Metropolitan Tabernacle - 1900 - Volume 46" - Pilgrim Publication (1977) - (p507).

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