Saturday, 24 May 2008

Jonathan Edwards on God doing a "New Work"

"Some make their rule to judge of this work by, instead of the Holy Scriptures, is history or former observation ... if there be anything extraordinary in the circumstances of this work, which was not observed in former times, theirs is a rule to reject this work which God has not given them, and they limit God, where He has not limited Himself.

And this is especially unreasonable in this case; for whosever has well weighed the wonderful and mysterious methods of divine wisdom in the carrying on the work of the new creation ... may easily observe that it has all along been God's manner to open new scenes and to bring forth to view things new and wonderful - such as eye has not seen, nor ear heard nor entered into the heart of man or angels - to the astonishment of heaven and earth not only in the revelation he makes of his mind and will, but also in the works of His hand.

As the old creation was carried on through six days and appeared all complete, settled in a state of rest on the seventh; so the new creation which is immensely the greatest and most glorious work, is carried on in a gradual process from the fall of man to the consummation of all things. And as in the progress of the old creation, there were still new things accomplished; new wonders every day in the sight of the angels, the spectators of that work, new scenes were opened, till the whole was finished - so it is in the progress of the new creation.

And we who live in those latter days where in we may be especially warranted to expect that things will be accomplished which it will be said, who hath heard such a thing? Who hath seen such things?".

Jonathan Edwards - "The Works of Jonathan Edwards - Volume 1" - Banner of Truth Trust, Edinburgh - (pp369-370).

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