Wednesday, 7 May 2008

Rob Rufus on Indwelling Sin

"Let me deal with this question of whether Christians have a sin nature or not ... I do not believe that Christians have a sin nature anymore. Under first Adam and law, you did. Rob are you saying that a Christian can't sin? You shouldn't even have to ask that question. Of course a a Christian can sin but that is not sin nature.

A sin nature is a nature that hates God and loves sinning and hates anything to do with God. A sin nature loves sinning, desires and wants to sin. We are telling Christians when you are born again and now have a new righteous nature that doesn't want to sin but you have got a sin nature as well and they are fighting each other and the one you feed the most will win the fight.

We don't have a sinning nature! We can sin but we are not under the control of a sinning nature".

Rob Rufus - "Day 2 - Session 1" - "Glory and Grace Conference in Sydney" - 27th March 2008.

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